An inspiring story of how one woman discovered Reiki.

How One Woman Found Her Reiki Path

This podcast was recorded by Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush from “All Together” (a publication dedicated to exploring ethics religion and spiritual practice in daily life).

Rev Raushenbush was keen to find out more about Reiki and how it could help people.

One of his colleagues, ChrMichelle Kennedyisty, said she had had an extremely powerful spiritual experience with the healing practice of Reiki.

So he asked Christy if she would invite Michelle, her friend and a Reiki practitioner, to come in and talk to me about what had happened when she practiced Reiki on Christy, teach him about Reiki.

Rev. Raushenbush interviews Michelle a Yoga teacher and a level III Reiki Master in Brooklyn, New York.

During the interview Michele describes the path that lead her to becoming a Reiki Master and also performs a Reiki healing on Rausenbush.

Listen to the podcast below

Image: Michelle Kenndy