Sound Healing – using sound therapy to heal + video

Sound healing – can music be used to help heal ourselves?

Can we “supercharge” our cells by being exposed to certain types of music? Many believe so.  It is called Sound Healing or Sound Therapy.

Sound can make, break or rearrange molecular structure. The human body is 70% water a
nd sound travels four times faster through water.  This makes the human body a perfect resonator for sound.

The healing power of sound is not new – in fact the idea of sound healing has been used through history by Shamans and sound healers and ancient Egyptian and in Asia as a healing tool.

There is increasing interest in the transformative power of sound and music.  It is now widely accepted that many illnesses are stress related. Therefore treatments that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness.

In this is a 23 minute short version of Tessa Shield’s feature documentary film  “Out of the Silence” interviewees explain the power of sound healing and sound therapy.

Watch and see what you think – can music help with the healing

Would you like to listen to some Healing music?

If you would like for more information on sound healing visit British Academy of Sound