Slightly “insane” hotel modeled on amethyst crystals

Plans are underway to build this unusual Amethyst crystal hotel in China.

It will resemble a huge igneous stone sliced in half, revealing the beautiful amethyst interior. The hotel’s design is intended to instill a sense of calm for the people who choose a vacationing experience in the hotel.

Rooms in the hotel will be arranged around the atrium, with access corridors running around the outer perimeter. This would allow every room to face into the central void, which itself would be fronted by glazing.

Take a look at the artist’s impression of the completed hotel.





The hotel is set to be built on the man-made island of Ocean Flower. There’s so much excitement around it that the hotel chain is looking to construct more of them around the world.

What do you think? Would you’d like to stay in this hotel?

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