Learn how Reiki is helping this sick little boy

“I see it as benefiting the whole family, not just the patient”

Although Blake was born completely healthy at 18 days old he developed a serious infection called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) which severely affected his digestive system, causing damage to his bowel and intestine.

As a result Blake had to have an operation to have two thirds of his bowel removed. This meant his tiny body could not absorb any of the food or nutrients he needed to grow and he was a weak and poorly baby.

The surgery was successful however Blake’s condition remains critical. Now eight months old, Blake is staying indefinitely at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton where his mum Denisa, anxiously waits for him to get strong enough to go home.

While medical staff monitor his condition to make sure he receives the nutrition he needs, Blake has also been benefiting from regular Reiki therapy by Ali Walters from Active LightWorks and her team funded by the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity.

Denisa feels the therapy offers ongoing benefits for both her son and the family:

“Reiki has been absolutely brilliant for Blake. Besides his digestion issues, he also has an ongoing problem with his left arm, which he cannot move properly. When Ali is treating him, he seems to gain more movement in the joint because he is more relaxed. Blake always settles down beautifully after his sessions with Ali, and he loves the calm and peaceful interaction with the therapists. I love seeing Blake so settled and happy.”

As the long hours spent by a child’s bedside can be stressful and worrying for all concerned The Active Lightworkers team make sure they treat parents and carers where possible, . Denisa looks forward to seeing Ali and receiving Reiki herself:

“I have been at the Alex, on the ward with Blake all day, every day since Mid-February. It is a tough time, sitting here watching and waiting for my little boy to get better. When I have Reiki therapy, I feel calmer while still in the hospital environment, which is usually quite difficult.

“I think it is very important for children and babies to receive Reiki treatment while they are at the Alex. It is a calming therapy within a medical environment, and it relaxes both the child and their parents / carers. I see it as benefiting the whole family, not just the patient.”

The Rockinghorse Children’s Charity has also provided funding to Ali and her team of Reiki therapists who are working alongside the paediatric team on the High Dependency Unit at the Alex.  Read more about Reiki at the Alex here.

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Image source: Rockinghorse Children’s Charity