12 of the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Reiki Business

Mistake 8.  Not asking for referrals

Remember to ask your happy clients to tell their friends about your Reiki sessions.  You can even give them some of your business cards to pass on if you feel they would be receptive or offer them a free session if they can refer four other people etc.  Think of ways to get people to refer you. I explain a little more about this in the next point.


Mistake 9.  Not collecting testimonials

Social proof is very important these days, that’s why review sites are so popular.

So what is “social proof”? It is described as “the marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers”.

Don’t underestimate the value of testimonials.  Testimonials are one of the most persuasive forms of social proof available.

So make sure you ask each client who liked the session(s) to write a testimonial and remember to get their permission to use it in your marketing material.

Great testimonials are more valuable than expensive ads in the newspaper.


Mistake 10.  Missing other inexpensive marketing opportunities

Keep an eye out for community opportunities that are inexpensive and reach a large number of people.

Network at local community events, post notes on local bulletin boards.

Group together with other complementary healers who can refer work to each other.


Mistake 11.  Spending too much on a website

Every business needs a website.  Your website acts a your sales person working 24/7.

The majority of people these days will search the internet for information about you and your business and most likely make a decision about your business before even speaking to you.

But you don’t need to spend a fortune, you can get a very simple website which you create yourself using templates for free.  It does take a bit of time and skill but it is possible to build a nice looking website for very little money.

If you don’t feel confident building a website at least create a business Facebook page to let people know about your business, the services you offer, your business hours, testimonials and how to contact you.


Mistake 12.  Missing out on other opportunities

Think about offering your clients a discount (or free session) if they buy multiple healing sessions.

Many smart business owners are now getting their clients to prepay for multiple sessions which not only improves cash flow but also helps with planning workloads.

Think about any other services you offer that you could bundle with your Reiki session to offer even more value for the customer.

Starting your own business is very exciting.  We hope this article will help you avoid common mistakes and help you on your path to setting up your Reiki business. We wish you the best of luck.