12 of the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Reiki Business

Mistake 4.  Not getting adequate insurance

It  is always a good idea in any business to have the correct insurance.

Even if you are working out of your home you should have good professional liability insurance. Your home insurance may not protect you should a client have an accident while in your home.

Make sure you take out the correct insurances for your business, its worth it for peace of mind.  Get good advice.


Mistake 5.  Not treating it as a business

Make sure once you start earning money that you treat it as a business.  And as a business it must be run according to government regulation and tax laws.

If you are unsure of what is required, check with your local government, Chamber of Commerce or Council for small business help seminars. They are often run for free or for a minimal fee.

A good accountant can also ensure you have ticked all the necessary boxes when setting up your business. Knowing that your business is set up correctly will let you concentrate on what you want to be doing – ie healing people.


Mistake 6.  Hoping paying customers will magically appear

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in advertising your new business but you do need to know how you are going to get customers.

As a first step tell your friends, family, co-workers … essentially anyone you think could be a customer, that you are giving Reiki sessions.

A good way to start to build up a business is to offer the sessions for free or for a small donation in order to cover expenses.  You could also do some volunteer work at a local hospital clinic,  nursing home, hospice, etc. Remember every bit of experience you can get is important.

If you do have some money to spend it is best to spend it on some business cards and if possible prepare a simple brochure so that you can pass them out to your new clients.

Once you are starting to make some money you can invest in more sophisticated forms of marketing and networking.


Mistake 7.  Not tracking how your marketing is working

Make sure you track how people learn’t about your business so you know which of your marketing efforts are successful.  You could do this by keeping a record in a note book or excel spreadsheet.  It’s as simple as asking people when they call or drop in how they heard about you.  It is always good to know who may be referring work to you so you can thank them.

When you know what is working you can do more of it.